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Welcome to the Wadadli expatriate journal of native stories, rare videos, and documentaries about the islands' histories, peoples, cultures, religion, and politics in Antigua and Barbuda.

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The island is only108 square miles, but the size is the least of its natural attributes and attractions. Antiguan is where the land and sea make beauty at the rainbow's end.

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Read the newly revised edition of the journal's observations and objective assessment of what's going on in Antigua and Barbuda today.

Antigua 1952 Native Stories

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Symbol Of WadadliFacts About Wadadli.
Get the correct answer and meaning of the word "Wadadli" with detailed facts.

Leonard Tim Hector Antigua National Hero.
Leonard Tim Hector, national hero and former leader of the ACLM

Jamaica KincaidFamous Antiguan.
Jamaica Kincaid is a famous Antiguan writer, novelist, and essayist.

Antigua Rastafari Cultural IconRastafari In Antigua.
A two part documentary about the evolution of Rastafarians in Antigua

Antigua Music.Antigua Music Artist
New Socalypso music, songs, & lyrics by Kumasi, Antiguan music artist, composer, singer and song/writer.

First Steelbands.History Of Antigua Steelbands
Steel Band Clash is an open-air recorded album of three 16-man oil drum orchestras from Antigua.

Video documentary is a rare colletion of antigua native stories told by the elders about the villages, peoples, traditions and life back in the eighteen century. Every individual account is an invaluable national treasure of historical facts and living testimonies of life in Antigua under British colonial rule.