Facts About Wadadli

The Word "WADADLI" does not mean ANTIGUA like some claim. Almost everyone that uses the word is not fully aware of its meaning, and those who write anything about it are only making callus assumptions without any tangible evidence or facts to corroborate them.

Given the close similarity of WA-DAD-LI and WA'LADLI, one could easily assume they are the same word at a glance, but they are not. Is there a similarity? Yes! Nevertheless, similar to define apparent differences, regardless of how subtle.

There are books, magazines, and articles published on the web claiming that the meaning of the word "Wadadli" is Antigua, but it's not! It is misrepresented ironically by those who write, print, and publish unsubstantiated claims and assertions about It.

The objective of the Wadadli Antigua website is to provide irrefutable evidence and facts about the origin and meaning of the word "Wadadli" without any ambiguity. Wadadli is derived from the word "WA'LADLI," referring to Antigua by Amerindian groups in the Caribbean pre-history.